“Debt? Almost all gone. Profit margins? Way, way up. And for the first time in what feels like forever, I’ve got cash in the bank. “
“The results? A significant turnaround in cash flow and, most importantly, a return to profitability.”
“Since working with them, my business has done a complete 180. My profit margins have shot up, and I’ve got a handle on my cash flow”
“their expertise has helped me elevate my profit margins by around 5% annually”
“We are on target to net approximately $450,000 more in cash this year”
“I’m not scraping the barrel at 5% profits anymore; we’re hitting it out of the park at 25% and still going up.”
“my profits have been consistently increasing each year by 5-8%….my only regret is not bringing them onboard sooner”

“One of the most remarkable outcomes of our collaboration has been a 12% boost in my cash flow”

“on track to allocate approximately 40% to owner’s compensation and an additional 10% to pure profit”
“They helped us overcome our cash flow challenges…practice runs leaner… than ever before…been able to optimize our tax strategy legally reducing our tax liabilities “
“The tools and guidance afforded us by LS CFO Advisors have enabled us to increase our cash flow by 17%”
“constructing a comprehensive, well-thought-out business plan that also included a valuation …to ensure we have sufficient proceeds to live on”